How To Design a Website

Custom Designs with Template Savings

No, we don't take your website off a shelf, but we are careful to not stray far from certain layout standards that the public has learned to expect. That spells comfort for your searchers, higher rankings by the search engines, and savings for you! Our clients appreciate websites that don't go out of style with each design fad that comes along!  Once your web site is designed, you won't have any design charges again unless and until you decide to change something.

Your Only Salesman on The Web

People who don't know you will judge you by what they find on your website.  If visitors to your website see poorly written text and photographs taken with a cell phone, they won't tell you why they chose your competition:  They'll just go elsewhere.  What's the price of one new customer in today's difficult economy?

  • Strong text content
  • Photography included
  • No hidden charges
  • Professional courtesy

Good website design includes more than just nice colors. We craft our clients' websites with an eye to both text content for the search engines, and also to photographs intended to show and SELL their products and services. Our clients are surprised by the amount of effort we put into every page, and we urge anyone considering us to call any of our clients to find out whether or not they'd use us again.

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